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When You Should See Your Emergency Dentist in Montgomeryville

May 14, 2018

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A man holding his cheek in pain.When a leg is broken or you have a very high fever, there’s no question of whether it’s an emergency or not. However, dental emergencies typically don’t get the same attention, either because they aren’t as common or because people don’t know what’s considered a dental emergency. That’s why your emergency dentist in Montgomeryville is here to clear that up.

If you ever experience the following dental emergencies, don’t wait. Of course, if your dentist can’t help, the emergency room is always the next best visit.

Severe Tooth Pain

Minor tooth sensitivity that goes away is not considered an emergency and can wait until normal business hours. However, tooth pain that doesn’t go away or carries a sustained ache or sensitivity is a more serious sign. Tooth pain can be caused by an infection or even a cracked tooth. Failing to get this emergency addressed could result in extracting the tooth entirely, so don’t put it off.

A Partially or Fully Dislodged Tooth

A knocked-out tooth should trigger an immediate visit to the dentist. If the tooth is viable and you get to the dentist quickly enough, the chances of reimplanting are much higher as well. To save it, rinse the crown with cold water, avoid touching the root, and keep it in a container of milk, saliva, or saltwater. Teeth that have become partially dislodged are at risk of becoming infected, so contact your dentist if this occurs.

A Loose or Lost Restoration

A broken or loose restoration, such as a crown or filling, puts the remaining tooth at risk of infection. Dental cement can temporarily cover and protect the tooth, but’s not a permanent solution. Try to keep the restoration to show your dentist once you arrive as they may be able to salvage it. If not, they’ll need to fabricate a new one to protect your damage tooth.

Cracked/Fractured Teeth

Teeth that have small cosmetic chips typically aren’t considered an emergency unless severe pain/sensitivity accompanies it. However, teeth that have a crack that extends below the gumline need to be treated by a dentist right away. A crack below the gumline indicates that the pulp is at risk of infection. Infected pulp may require a root canal or increase the chances of needing an extraction.

Oral Bleeding or Jaw/Soft Tissue Injury

While a dentist can help you in cases of significant dental emergencies, sometimes a trip to the emergency room is a better option first, especially if your dentist isn’t available when you need them. In the case of severe oral bleeding, a broken jaw, or severe tissue laceration, visit the ER first. Once you’re stabilized, your emergency dentist in Montgomeryville will be better equipped to help you.

Dental emergencies should never be put off, especially when there’s an experienced team who can help. If you’re having an emergency, schedule an appointment today!

About the Author

Dr. Jay Dubin earned his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Him and his team are more than prepared to treat dental emergencies and get your smile back to normal. To treat an emergency, contact your dentist in Montgomeryville through his website.

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