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Is Flavored Water Bad for Your Teeth?

December 15, 2020

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two bottles of flavored water against yellow background

One of the first steps many people take in trying to be healthier is cutting soda out of their diets. After all, if you’ve ever looked at the nutrition facts on a soda can, you’ve noticed that it’s not exactly the healthiest beverage out there. Many people have substituted flavored water in order to still get their flavor fix. Although “water” is in the name, it often contains ingredients that aren’t very good for your teeth. Read on as a dentist in Montgomeryville explains how three specific ingredients in flavored water can harm your smile.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Scientists have known for quite some time that high fructose corn syrup has virtually no health benefits. Its high sugar content can greatly increase your risk of getting cavities. While your body can metabolize natural sugar and turn it into energy, high fructose corn syrup can interfere with your body’s hunger signals. It may prevent you from recognizing when you’re full and actually intensify your appetite. Additionally, high fructose corn syrup has been linked to other health problems such as liver disease and type 2 diabetes.


Flavored waters often boast about their high vitamin C content. Although vitamin C works wonders for boosting your immune system, it is also extremely acidic. If you consume too much on a regular basis, it can gradually erode your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth more susceptible to sensitivity, cavities, and breakage.

Artificial Food Coloring

Millennia ago, our ancestors used to color to determine whether a food was edible. It’s highly unlikely that their diets back then were rich in foods that were hot pink or neon green. The most common artificial food colorings in flavored waters these days are Red No. 3, Blue No. 1, and Yellow No. 40. Unless you’re a scientist, those numbers may not mean much to you. However, you should know that they contain small amounts of materials that can hurt your teeth and body, including mercury, arsenic, and lead. They’re minimal enough to not cause immediate damage, but they could contribute to health problems down the road if consumed in excess for long enough.

Now that you know about the link between flavored water and oral health, think again before adding a bottle to your grocery cart. Your smile will thank you!

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