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Montgomeryville, PA Dental Implants Rebuild Teeth Seamlessly

Even the loss of one tooth can have severe repercussions on your wellbeing and your quality of life over time. Here in Montgomery County, our team wants to help you regain the oral function and beauty you need to thrive in your everyday life as soon as possible, and there’s no better solution available today than dental implants. Because of their state-of-the-art construction, implants are able to seamlessly replace lost tooth structure and create rejuvenating results in ways that can’t be accomplished with more traditional reconstructive options. Better yet, our doctors and specialists have the comprehensive skills needed to perform the entire procedure right here in our convenient and comfortable facility.

Please contact Dental Innovations today if you’d like to learn more about implants, or you’re ready to schedule your very own implant consultation. We welcome new patients from all over Montgomery County, PA and beyond.

The Dental Implant Process

  • Implants are successful because they replicate both the visible crown of your tooth and the root that’s hidden beneath the gum line, creating a result that’s visually pleasing, functional, and beneficial for your overall health. Once it’s been determined that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, the procedure will begin with the surgical placement of your new implant(s) into the jaw by our specialists right here in-office.
  • Once placed, the implant(s) will need time to form a bond with your natural bone and tissue, creating a foundation for replacement teeth. This process can typically take several months.
  • Finally, our team will design and attach custom restorations over your implants completing your improved smile. Depending on the extent of your tooth loss and your personal preferences, our recommendation may involve metal-free dental crowns or a customized, implant-retained bridge or denture.

Dental implants may involve a significant commitment on the patient’s part, but the results are seamless, functional, and truly built to last. In fact, with the right level of at-home oral hygiene and professional maintenance, implants can thrive for the rest of the patient’s life.

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